American Roulette Martingale Strategy

American Roulette Martingale Strategy | The Martingale system is the most popular and commonly used roulette strategy. The concept behind it is pretty simple – you increase your bet after every loss, so when you eventually win, you get your lost money back and start betting with the initial amount again.

Although Roulette is a game of chance you can give yourself a better chance of winning if you follow a strategy when it comes to what you bet on and how much. Newcomers will tend to concentrate on their lucky numbers and although that can work as part of a strategy – or just as a stroke of beginner’s luck – if you want to win more often than not you will have to have a better plan.

Learn how to play and hopefully win with the “Martingale System” or “Martingale Strategy“.

As you may have guessed, casinos are not super happy when players apply/use the Martingale system! That’s why (at least in parts) there are very often strict table limitations on roulette tables – basically stopping players from being able to double their bets in a sequence.

Therefore when you like to use the Martingale system, make sure to play in a casino or on an online roulette table where they don’t have any table limitations and you are able to place your bets the way you want!

A very popular and strongly beloved online roulette platform we can recommend where you can play without any restrictions is: